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Hey there, I'm Kristen. I'm 26. My sense of humor sucks and I like a lot of random shit. Enjoy!

This is my “it’s raining, I’m bored, and not a single person has come into my Y today” selfie.

This is my “it’s raining, I’m bored, and not a single person has come into my Y today” selfie.

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me and Curtis basically 😂

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Typical conversations with Ricky. 👍

Typical conversations with Ricky. 👍

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when someone claims to be a fan of a band when they have heard two of their songs


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do you ever get sad over something that happened a long time ago because i do 

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"I’m that one friend who’ll agree to go to a wedding primarily just to eat all the food."
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I will reblog this until the day I die

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If you honestly think these weren’t the best Batman movies then I’ll be praying for you, the Villain casting was LEGENDARY.


This might be one of my favorite posts. 

Schwarzenegger was so wrong for Mr. Fries and Bane wasn’t even Bane. I’ll be praying for YOU.

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do u ever turn the volume on your music up until u reach the perfect level of ah yes i cannot hear anything else and it feels like a big warm hug

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dog cloud over Manhattan 

OMG it’s Falkor!

The rare cumuluckdragonimbus is rarely seen this far from Fantasia, although the weather’s been crazy since the Nothingness hit.

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Time to burn some bridges.

It really sucks to learn that you’re not as important to someone as that someone is to you. Especially after so long. Oh well.

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